M, Me, Moi, Mark


English : It’s my mother tongue so I do prefer to write in this language and I make less spelling mistakes than in French. If you require translation just contact me and I will be glad to do that

Quick Bio :

Studied business in London and worked in IT distribution for too many years as  Buyer and PM. Also worked in production management and distribution management as well as sales.

I have alsways enjoyed travelling and this is why my photography and videos are mainly thmeed around this. I discovered India in 1994 whilst working under contract for Air India and only had the opportunity to return in 2007. Since then I have been each year for longer and longer periods of time.

Picture, light, photography... A long story started with a Kodak instamatic, Polaroids throw away’s and basic digital cameras, I also enjoyed video editing for a number of years. It is only recently that I have started to do some exploitable shots using a decent camera.

I take shots on instinct but often prepare myself even if what I take is not what I had initially planned to. I try and limit the use of photoshop so most of my shots are natural.

Touch, is another of my passions and has become a full time occupation as I practice Ayurvedic massage professionally. I also have done  some paper mache sculpture work but this is currently no longer a primary occupation due to some personal changes.

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